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Mobility with (virtually) NO Pain!

Just imagine if you have your iPhone/iPad/Android device/BlackBerry w/OS6 and you desire to access your corporate CRM system – can you do it? Well, depending on the “xRM” (CRM, PRM, etc) system you have the answer can vary greatly.

Fortunately for owners of Sage SalesLogix, this is possible right now! In addition to the current Windows/LAN, Web, Remote(Windows or Web) client applications owners of Sage SalesLogix can now use their favorite (in ANY combination) iPhone/iPad/Android device/BlackBerry w/OS6 device.

NOTE:  If you would like to try out this new capability, here is a link to our website that has more information:

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Was the Incident at Google a “One-Off” or a “Trend” ?

Some of you may not be aware but Google just experienced a situation where a significant number of email accounts were wiped out. What is disturbing is Google can (and probably already has) restored these accounts BUT says the actual email is lost forever!

We know in the past that SalesForce also has had “cloud problems” but has appeared to left that in the dust.

How may other “cloud providers” have experienced these kinds of things? Were these caused by equipment or software “failures” or were they the results of criminal hackers?

Do we really want to run business applications in this (cloud) environment?


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