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Customizing the New Sage SData HTML5 Web App

One of my previous posts (Mobility with (virtually) NO Pain!) talks about the New Sage SalesLogix SData based client application that lets you get to SalesLogix data in Real-Time on your favorite smartphone (iPhone/’droid/BB w/OS6), pad/tablet (iPad,’droid), and//or browser (FF/Chrome/IE9+).

Since the initial release the folks at Sage SalesLogix have come out with “mobile 1.1” in the Service Pack 4 release to SalesLogix vers 7.5. This release fixes a bunch of “nits” and adds some badly needed functionality – One being the Complete an Activity!

Using this release, we have been building adding some customization to further enhance its capabilities. One area that needed a bit of help was “Help”. The idea for doing this came from a friend of mine  – Alexander Pfingstl.  In this case, we needed to remind the user of some special search capabilities called “Hash tags”. These are used on the List View in the Search Toolbar. Basically, we added a “Help” button to the individual “List” views which pops up an alert dialog and shows the user what “short cut” Hash Tags are available for this entity. Here is an example of the code used to implement our custom help for a Lead List View:

        //extending the view class
        var leadHelpText = "Hash Tags Quick Search" + '\n'
                           + "#new -> Status = New" + '\n'
                           + "#qual -> Status = Qualified"
        //Override the list view row template in order to:
        Ext.override(Mobile.SalesLogix.Lead.List, {
            //Implement a minimal function for our custom action.
            showLeadHelp: function() {
            //Add a custom toolbar button to the Account List view.
            init: function() {
                Mobile.SalesLogix.Lead.List.superclass.init.apply(this, arguments);
                    id: 'customLeadHelpButton',
                    icon: 'content/images/icons/Help_24.png',
                    action: 'showLeadHelp'

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I Need to “Print” PDF!

Over the years the PDF document type has become ubiquitous. They are just everywhere. It has become a “de-facto” standard in business to send documents in PDF form. There are several reasons why you would want to do this. Here are a couple:

A – The “reader” is a free download and is available (in some form) for (just about) every device/platform you can think of.

B – A PDF document is “read-only”. That is.. teh reader (usually) cannot alter the contents of the PDF.

The tools for producing PDF documents vary. You can purchase some very sophisticated ones with fill in the blanks capabilities, checkbox controls, etc.). Or you might use something that allows you to “save” a document in “PDF format”. For the vast majority of us, the latter typically applies.

So how can I do this “cheaply”/quickly you ask? Well, I’ve run across a “free” tool from a company called BillZip. They have a “free” PDF Printer driver (as well as a commercial one) you can install/uses in less than 5 minutes.

Go here and take a look:

FYI: It can also be “scripted”and/or run from a command line 😉

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