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Sage SalesLogix Mobile Web 1.2 – and why you want it NOW!

As many of you already know, I have decided to focus on three things:
1 – Mobility
2 – Mobility
3 – Mobility

Got the idea 😉

We are definitely in the “Age Of Connected Mobility” with smart-phones and pads/tablets popping up everywhere. I would certainly like to see the stats on just how many new mobility devices will show up in Christmas stockings, etc….

So with “mobility” in mind, it’s now official, the Sage SalesLogix Mobile Web Application version 1.2 is now available! It builds on the 1.0/1.1 releases to bring us some new features:
• Improved usability features including: single-press pick lists and lookups, “Clear” button on text fields, custom keyboard for URLs, e-mail, and phone data entry, and combine hash tags with search text.
For example, Opportunity: “#closed ab” searches for closed opportunities where the name starts with “ab”.

• Calendar contains new week view and month view shows activity count and selected day

• Support for French, German, Italian, Russian and English languages through a single

NOTE: In order to take advantage of “localization”, you need to make sure you are pointing at the .aspx page not the .html. Otherwise, you will ONLY see English 😉

.. and to add – it installs in just a few (5) minutes.. and existing 1.1 customization(s) (if done using the “module” approach) should NOT break!

What I really like are the Calendar enhancements. week/month view w/activity info and counts!


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How Many SalesLogix Licenses Do I have and What Type Are They?

Sounds simple.. doesn’t it? Well it is and it is not.

You could go into the SalesLogix Admin application, click on the Systems icon and then the licenses tab and look. It will show you all your licenses. BUT if you have one or two of this and that you need to sort , then count, etc. to see what you have.

Here’s a SQL query that does it very quickly and cleanly:

--Saleslogix License types and counts
   WHEN 'C' THEN 'Concurrent'
   WHEN 'M' THEN 'Remote'
   WHEN 'N' THEN 'Named User'
   WHEN 'P' THEN 'Template'
   WHEN 'R' THEN 'Retired'
   WHEN 'V' THEN 'Web Viewer'
   WHEN 'W' THEN 'Admin'
   ELSE 'Unknown'
   END as LicenseType,COUNT(*) As NumberOfLicenses
  group  by type
  having COUNT(*) > 0
  Order by LicenseType

The output will look something like:

TypeCode   LicenseType	NumberOfLicenses
  W          Admin         1
  C          Concurrent   55
  N          Named User   72
  M          Remote       19
  R          Retired     222
  P          Template     12
  V          Web Viewer   14

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