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Have you ever seen: “Database Login Failed: Unspecified Error” ?

There are several situations/conditions in Sage SalesLogix which will cause users to see the error:
“Database Login Failed: Unspecified Error”.

It turns out there is one interesting situation related to networking that causes this to happen with  SalesLogix Remote (Windows) users. This is when the system (laptop) has wireless turned on AND it has a hard-wired active connection at the same time.

We just had a customer where this happened. When the user was at their home office they had a wireless connection and all was well. When in the corporate office and hard-wired to the LAN, it threw up the subject error.  By simply “turning-off” the wireless when hard-wired to the LAN, the problem went away.

UPDATE: Since I first made this post, I have run into another situation which will cause the subject error. “Sometimes” the SLXSystem.exe will stop responding to system requests and need to be manually stopped via the Task Manager. It should only be running when logged into the SalesLogix Client app – except when as a service in a terminal/Citrix server setup. You can “kill it off” by going int the Process tab in Task Manager, locate it, click on End process.

Jan 2013 Update:
Here is the UNOFFICIAL FIX for the problem I came up with and deployed to all my customers who have had this issue:
A – Open the “Services” admin app
B – Stop the SLXSystem Service (Name: “SalesLogix System Service”)
C – Disable the service by changing the Startup Type (see Properties) from Automatic to Disabled
D – Reboot the PC
You should be able to login to SalesLogix normally and not see the subject problem/issue anymore.

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