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#Outsourcing and #Offshoring – What is the REAL Truth Here?

Unless you live with your head stuck in a very dark place .. 😉 … You have heard a “bit of” public discussion and comments about how “Outsourcing” is a bad thing.

Well – I am here to say ” reductio ad absurdum” –

Business is all about outsourcing and it starts at the lowest level. To start with a fairly absurd (and obvious situation), we do not “build our own mobile phones” – we pay someone else to do it – we “outsource”. On a higher plane – (most) businesses do not write their own accounting/erp package or their crm system – they “outsource”.  There are TONS of examples we all can come up with and not have to “strain the brain” as one may say. The vast majority of SMB (Small/Medium Businesses) on the planet outsource and provide outsource services to those who do.

The fallibility of the “Outsourcing is bad” statement lays in the confusion between the words:
Outsourcing and Offshoring

The REAL “bad one” is Offshoring and those (in the public sector) who are saying “Outsourcing is bad” need to extract their brain from that deep dark place, look it (Outsourcing and Offshoring) up in the dictionary (or wikipedia), and stop being intellectually dishonest to all of us.

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ComboFix is DANGEROUS to Sage SalesLogix and Potentially to Other Apps

We all try our best to keep systems up to date and healthy. There are TONS of tools out there which are “intended” to keep us free from malware and virus attacks. Some do.. some do not.. some cause damage – and ComboFix is one of those that causes damage.

We (as well as many other Sage SalesLogix Customers and BP’s (Business Partners)) have seen when ComboFix is run on a system that has Sage SalesLogix synchronization components/apps installed, synchronization will no longer function. Unfortunately (as of this blog post) the ONLY fix to this is a total “wipe” of the hard drive, complete OS re-install, as well as all applications. AFAIK there is NO other way to fix the problem once ComboFix has been run.

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